Monday, 14 February 2011

Mail Man Expression Sheet

Here is a Final Expression sheet for the Mail man character 'Roy'. The expressions were chosen to represent the Mail man's emotions throughout different parts of the film.

When constructing the final puppet the plan is to use replaceable sections of the face to change the characters expression. The face will be divided across the eyes into two sections, the upper brow and the lower mouth, nose and chin. The interchangeable brow and mouth parts will be sculpted in different expressions. For example, for the brow I will need angry, shocked and neutral sculpted brow replacements. And for the mouths I will need open, shocked , whistling, smiling, worried etc to make up a whole range of expressions for the character.

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  1. Both of your work is absolutely amazing!! Can't wait to see the final film it looks like it's going to be super entertaining.