Thursday, 3 February 2011

Actress Designs- The progression of 'Elle'

Here are a few initial design sketches I produced for the Actress character 'Elle'
We decided upon the name 'Elle' because it's short, simple and easy to remember. This a handy since the audience needs to quickly read the name from the tag on the package and then recognise it on the large theatre billboard later on. It's also a somewhat unique name and I like the idea of this character being so famous that she doesn't even need a second name, she is simply know to the world as Elle. oh... and it's also French for 'she'!
Here are some colour tests I produced for the character. The idea is to keep the colour scheme for her and her dressing room very light with bright colours giving her an almost angelic and heavenly feel. Nathan has been in charge of producing the designs and sculpt for this character. Here are a few pics of his finished sculpt.
From the photographs of this sculpt I'm going to produce a digitally coloured test for the actress to go with the tests for my Mail man sculpt.

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