Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Finished Maquette - Mail Man

Here are a some turn around images of the finished Mail Man maquette.
There are a few details missing from the sculpt but over all I'm pleased with the with the way it has turned out. Using these images I can now start working on colouring the character digitally to see what works best.
Nathan has also been finished working on a maquette of the Actress character. Here is a shot of the two sculpts side by side for a scale comparison.


  1. what kind of clay did you use to create these sculptures?

    I've been reading your blog as I am about to dive into my own first stopmo film and am trying to learn as much as possible about different peoples work flows.


  2. Hi Bill

    I used Newplast plasticine for these sculptures.
    It's a soft, non-drying modelling clay which is good for roughing out quick sculpts/maquettes.

    It's also very good for animating with if you're building a plasticine puppet.

    If you want your sculpt to be a bit firmer for sharper details, or if you plan on molding your sculpt, I would recommend using plastiline (note the 'l' not a 'c'), which you can buy in different levels of firmness.
    e.g Chavant NSP

    Hope this helps, and good luck with your film.

    All the best,
    Joshua 'I ain't afraid of no ghost' Flynn