Friday, 4 February 2011

Final Designs- Mail Man & Actress Maquettes

Here are the final designs for the Mail Man and Actress characters. The images below have been created by digitally painting the sculpts. First up. the final design produced from my Mail man maquette.
And here's a mid shot to show the face a bit clearer.
After making a few colour tests we decided to give him a Navy blue uniform with a few hints of red and brass/gold details, sticking close to what our 1950's Mail man reference provided.
Here is the Final design I coloured produced from Nathan's Actress sculpt.

These images have allow us to add more details to the sculpts such as the mail mans uniform buttons and the actress's diamond earrings. Using different texture tools we can also suggest the types of material that would work best for the puppets. Finally, here is a shot of the two characters together.

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