Saturday, 11 June 2011

Mail Man 'Roy' Puppet Finished

Things have been busy, but all is going well.
Today I though I'd post a few pictures of my finished Mail Man puppet, something I should have done a while ago but for some reason...didn't.

The puppets of the two main characters of our film are now finished and my brother and I are very happy with the way they have turned out. If you'd like to see Nathan's finished puppet for our actress 'Elle' character you can click Here.

Final Main Man Puppet
This character has been a lot of fun to build and has allowed me to try out new techniques I hadn't previously attempted. It has also been interesting building two of the same puppet simultaniously and trying to get each puppet as identical as possible.

Below are some turn around images of one of the final puppets.

For these photos I decided to position the puppet in the same pose as the Maquette I sculpted of the character a while ago.

For the following photographs I decided to try out the puppet's replacement faces to give him some different expressions,and also position the body into a veriety of poses. Once photographed I had a go at digitally removing some of the seams from the face sections using photoshop. This is what my brother and I intend to do for any shots in the final film where the seams are noticable.

And finally, Here is an 'Ultimate Image' of the puppet I made using the photos I have taken. This was made as part of the business section of the University course. It is intended to help promote the University aswell as myself and my work.  

That's all for now, It's been mostly pictures today.
Next time I'll be talking about finishing off the Theatre Usher character which Nathan has been working on.
Thanks for looking.


  1. wow that looks really cool great job on the puppet

  2. Looks great. He has a lot of personality.

  3. This character Is rediculously PROFESSIONAL!!!


  4. you guys are killin it!!!! keep up the great work!!!

    tom glynn
    chicago, usa

  5. It's a shame this blog isn't being updated anymore. I enjoyed reading about the project a lot. But there's been no post for months :-(

  6. Thank you Andrew, Maureen, Jriggity, Jeff & Tom I'm glad you like my puppet. He was a lot of fun to make.

    Pete- Sorry I haven’t posted many updates recently. It has been ridiculously long since I've posted anything. I have been very busy away interning on a film in London over the last month. But now I'm back and fear not... the updates will come!

  7. Joshua i really love the design, love the head, love the cartoon style you did with this character. Can i make you a question? How did you did the hand of this puppet, i really want to get that style please. Tell me your secret :D

    1. Hi Federico!
      My secret is to eat plenty of green vegetables.
      Oh wait, you want to know about the hands.
      My brother Nathan wrote a bit about how we made the hands for our puppets on his blog. Here's a link -
      Happy to lend a hand (ba dum tssssss)
      Hope this helps,