Sunday, 6 February 2011

Character line up

Nathan has been working on the Little Old lady character and produced a design which we're both very happy with. The Old lady won't feature in the film very much but we thought we'd create a maquette of the character anyway since her design is so different from the other characters and we though she'd be fun to make. After coming up with a number of different designs, Nathan finally produced something we were both happy with, perfectly capturing how we imagined the character to be. Below are a few turn around images of Nathan's sculpt.
The Little old lady is a lot smaller than the other characters and has been sculpted as though she is looking up at the mail man, squinting through her large framed glasses with a sweet smile on her face. when her puppet is made, It won't have to be as advanced as that of the other characters since she is only really required to stand there, staring at the mail man. The gag is that she beats him to the upper floor using the elevator, as far as animation she'll only need to do a little wave and maybe have a sleight shake as she stands.
Here are her final designs, digitally coloured by Nathan.
We've given the old lady some bright, pastel coloured 1950's style clothing. Her clothes really make her stand out, The idea was than she doesn't really understand the current (1950's) fashion trends, but she's out enjoying a night at the theatre and she's dressed to impress.   Here are the the final digitally coloured designs for the theatre usher.

I've decided to add a rolled up tissue to his broken nose. The idea is that while breathing angrily, every time he exhales his nose now makes a whistling noise. This noise can now be used as a sign that the character is approaching, almost in the same way the Jaws theme means a shark is coming. This should be effective near the end of the film when the Usher creeps up behind the Mail man.  Finally, here is a character line up image featuring all the sculpted designs side by side and in scale.

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