Saturday, 5 February 2011

Design Development- Theatre Usher

Along with our main characters, 'Roy' the Mail Man and 'Elle' the actress, our film will also include a number of secondary characters. One of these characters is a large, tough looking Theatre Usher taking tickets at the door. He will become one of the obstacles stopping the Mail Man from reaching Elle's dressing room to retrieve the package. Below are a few inital designs for the character along with an early sculpt of the characters head.
The idea is to make this character much bigger than the mail man with a strong blocky figure.Since he's the main obsticle, his rectangular body would litterally take up a doorway. One of the gags in the film is thatthe mail man, in his rush for the package, hits the usher in the face with a door. The usher's cigar a crushed into his face and his nose is flatterned. Most of these designs feature the usher with his flattered nose since thats the way it stays throughout most of the film.
The sculpt of the usher in the image above is only aproximatly 2 inches high. His full body maquette wasn't built to scale with the other characters because he would have been too large and taken up too much time. Instead I chose to only sculpt the characters head to the correct scale and then digitally add it to the smaller 2 inch sculpt in order to develope a digital final design. Below is a turn around image for the usher, featureing the full scale head andded to the 2 inch sculpt.
From these images I will digitally paint the sculpt in a similar way to the other maquettes, only this time I will re-scale the sculpt to it's intended size for the character line up.
 Other characters in the film include a little old lady, a small boy with a paddle ball toy and a bar tender with a cocktail shaker.

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