Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Background Designs- Stage Door/ Alleyway

After we were happy with the Alleyway and dressing room colour tests we decided to continue working on the background designs, adding more details to better illustrate how the sets will look on camera. Together we decided that I will design the Stage door/ Alleyway and Nathan will work on the Actress's dressing room.
I started off with a rough pencil drawing, blocking out building shapes and laying out where I wanted certain objects to be, the main focus being the stage door and mail shoot. I then started digitally painting the sky using my Hollywood reference pictures as a guide. It's just before 7pm in the film so the sun is setting in the distance.

Next, I started blocking in colours for the buildings, trying to avoid too many boring grey or brown colours. I wanted the alleyway to be dark, with the stage door light illuminated, but not so dark that it's hard to make out what your looking at.

Once I was happy with the colours of the image I began adding more textures and building details such as brickwork. I did this by creating a small section of a brick pattern which I then warped to match the perspective of the walls. This pattern was then repeated until a whole section of wall was covered.
To finish the design I added more detail to the mail truck, garbage bags and stage door. I also tried to suggest how lighting might be used in the set to create atmosphere.

 Here are some images of the alleyway design with my final Mail man design in situ.

When we eventually build this set we plan to only build the front portion of the alleyway to include the stage door, mail shoot and garbage bags. The rest will be added digitally using green screen techniques to extend the set, creating the long alleyway and sunset sky. 

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