Monday, 31 January 2011

Here are some reference sheets for some of the settings found in the film.
The first features a collection of images for Hollywood theatres and streets, some actually from the 1950's.
This will be useful when designing exterior theatre shots. I really like the idea of having spotlights in the streets since the theatre in my film will be hosting an opening night performance of a new show. I want to try capture the glitz and the glamour of such an event. I also like the sun set sky in the first picture, this will be useful since my film takes place just before 700pm.

This next sheet is for alleyway/stage door reference.
The film will start with the mail man posting the package at the theatre stage door. The alley way will seem grotty in comparison to the theatre front and main street. Next to the stage door there will need to be a parcel shoot, I also like the idea of having a single light above the door itself. Using this reference I should be able to start working on designs for these locations.

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  1. I wish more animators displayed there work like this. This is fantastic and