Sunday, 30 January 2011

3rd Year Final Film

My brother and I decided early on that we wanted this film to have a faster pace than than our previous films. Our goal was to create something with a sense of suspense and tension. We soon came up with the concept which we thought would suit. What if a postman accidentally delivered a ticking package to an address, only later realising he may have just delivered a bomb. The rest of the film would consist of the postman frantically scrambling to retrieve the package before it's too late. Nothing builds suspense and tension like a bomb!

With that idea we started to flesh out the story with characters and settings. The film will be roughly three minutes in length and stop motion animated.

The film will be set in 1950's Hollywood.
The film centers around US Mail man Roy, who believes he may have just delivered a bomb to theatre, currently hosting an opening night performance of a new show.
The package had instructions to be delivered to the theatre before 700pm was addressed to Elle, a beautiful actress and star of tonight's show.
The mail man must find his way into the theatre,dodging angry ushers, and race to Elle's dressing room in search of the package before its too late!

There will be no dialogue, only sound effects and a musical score.
The film will also feature a ticking sound throughout to help build the tension.

Here is a research page for the Mail man character.

More to come soon!

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